Nicklas Hultman is a Swedish graphic designer and visual artist now living in Gothenburg, Sweden

“Nicklas held the position of Creative Director, working in both our online- and offline team. His job have been multi tasking several traditional tasks such as responsible for corporate graphics, logo development, the company’s print and art work etc. He has also done layout design for events, pop-up stores, he has been involved in developing packing material, give aways and  web design, making story boards for movies etc etc...
... Nicklas is very talented and skillful and is always performing the little extra beyond expectations. He is quick in his job combined with thoroughness. ...”

Johan Wikander Founder and Partner JOHAN&JOHAN / Shanghai, China

“In life Nicklas sees no boundaries between work and play. He discovers beauty in all things. Feeling and seeing. Making art from his heart, deriving from what feels good, in the moment...”
Petra Dokken Copywriter & Trend Researcher  / Gothenburg, Sweden

“Swedish artist, designer and photographer Nicklas Hultman is not afraid to mix the mundane with the profound. Finding the essence in everyday situations and objects, he transforms them through a mix of photography and graphic design in a wide range of mediums – from music videos, framed prints to decorative plates and puzzles...”
William Åslund Copywriter Kaimen The Swedish Space / Shanghai, China


Phone: +46 722 06 55 95
Instagram: nicklas.h
WeChat: nicklas-h


Nicklas's life is all about visual experiences: those of brands, cultures, creativity and himself. His work moves between the design world, the floral industry and art photography. Nicklas's work has been widely exhibited and published.

During 2013–2018 he lived in Shanghai, China working with introducing Nordic brands to the Asian market - primarily on Alibaba platforms (Tmal) and Tencents’s WeChat platform focusing on e-com and omnichannel solutions. During this period he started working on the flower lexicon; Floriography- which has been showcased around the world. He also made The Asia Plates - a series of porcelain plates with photographic print. They were exhibited at the legendary Japanese store ISETAN.

After China, he moved to Denmark and lived there for two years. Based on the experiences he had in Shanghai and the new life in Denmark the BaroqueIkebana project was born. This project took him to a Japanese TV show and several different clients that wanted their products in the unique world that Nicklas created.