Client: Santa Maria
What: Updated visuals - Art Direction
Description: A part of an updated visual identity; images, fonts and packaging.
Santa Maria is a brand in the World Foods & Flavoring division at the Paulig Group.
Santa Maria is based in Mölndal, Sweden and can be found in all the nordic countries, UK and Holland.
See hand drawn font and packing here.
Made at: Valentin&Byhr

What: Various recipe picture
Photo: Roland Person Food & Styling: Elin Åström

What: Series of "How to ... whole dried chili" films
Photo: Mikael Quick & Robert Vanstone Food & Styling: Lisa Lemke


What: Recipe pictures for the Asian flavors
Photo: Pelle Bergstöm Food & Styling: Lotta Agaton

What: Adverts for ELLE Magazine
Photo: Robert Vanstone Food & Styling: Malin Eriksson Retouch: Jonathan Höglund