Client: KAIMEN
What: Logo and Visual identity for all platforms and omni-channels, marketing and offline store display.
Description: The KAIMEN concept brings Swedish high quality products to China through different platforms. The brand “Sweden” and it’s lifestyle and products are considered to be of high quality and standards in China.Three different channels are beeing used for different purposes:
• WeChat (Tencent platform) - All brands / Online store and lifestyle blog using soft values about making the everyday Chinese life easier based on Swedish values and lifestyle. Upcoming sales platform and a strong potential threat to Alibaba group.
• Tmall (Alibaba platform) - Current main Sales platform, Kids & Family products
• Offline - All brands / "The Swedish Space" is located at the legendary Isetan in the city center of Shanghai, China. This is a New Retail/Omni experience where engaging the customer is key. We focused on workshops with influencers/KOL’s with topics such as Photography, Quality and Sustainability. 
WeChat store: Here (cellphone view only)
Tmall store: Here (cellphone view only & only Chinese)

Made at: Johan&Johan in Shanghai, China

Multi category and multi brand store on WeChat

Kids & Family store on Tmall

The Offline store at Isetan Shanghai

The inauguration

The KAIMEN store was inaugurated in June 28th 2017 at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China. Sweden Prime Minister Mr. Stefan Löfven and Alibaba Group founder and Chairman Mr. Jack Ma, participated in the inauguration ceremony for the KAIMEN Tmall store.

The New Retail/Omni store opening

What: Visual communication, store Layout, display design and opening planning.
The opening of Isetan - The Swedish Space was held on 14th of September at Isetan Shanghai.The opening was endorced and opened by The Consul General of Sweden in Shanghai; Lisette Lindahl and Isetan management from Japan. The team behind the offline store worked closely with the online team to make everything an seamless omni  experience.

Online store

What: E-com store
The Chinese E-commerce is unique, seamless and extremly developed.
Detailed product details pages and rate/review is key for converting customers in China. Information is of highest importance.


What: Workshop
Description: Alibaba lists Entertainment as one of the cornerstones for a successful
Omni-channel strategy. 
How: I held workshops with focus on photography for social media. Using our own products I helped the audience to be unique, work with light and the area you are given. All workshops were divided between lecture, practical work, feedback and reward.